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We are proud to have been manufacturing in the UK since 1976 and continue to this day to employ skilled local people to manufacturer bespoke designed, specialist clothing and workwear.

All manufacturing takes place in our in-house production facility in Shropshire. We are proud to be manufacturing in the UK.


Many of our customers come to us at the design stage. We have over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing clothing and can offer expert advice on matters including manufacturing costs, suitability for production and potential improvements.

We have contracts with multiple fabric suppliers and hold a large quantity of fabric in stock for use in making samples. We specialise in creating garments using specialist materials including ESD, bleach resistant & fire retardant materials. We will work with you to source the best materials, trims and embellishments for your garments.

number twenty two logo print example
number twenty two logo print example


Once designs are complete and materials chosen, our in house team of designers, pattern cutters and machinists will work with you to produce a sample of each garment. This gives you the opportunity to check you are happy with the fabrics used, the way the garment looks and the quality of the production. It also allows us to get to grips with your garments, identify issues in the production process and suggest improvements.

A sample is typically produced in one size but can be produced in multiple sizes if required. It's not uncommon for a sample to be revised several times before it is ready for production.


Once produced, all garments are carefully checked by our quality control team.

Labelling and packaging are an important part of the production process. We can work with you to produce custom labels and packaging or we can provide standard labels ourselves.

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