Who is standing behind you?

When we recently went to stand at a trade show, we took time to think about what would make us stand out from the crowd. Being a company that creates wonderful uniforms and personalised clothing on a daily basis, we decided that we needed to think carefully about what we were wearing.

This is where my brain went into overdrive and I came up with the idea of putting one of our key messages onto the back of our shirts. This ensured that wherever we were standing either our logo or the message would be visible to anyone who looked in our direction.

It also works well if at the event you are attending there are likely to be members of the press in attendance. For if they take a photo or pan over a crowd to show how busy the show is, your branding will be always on show.

You may choose to have your logo embroidered onto the front of your shirt and the message on the back be printed. That is something MyWorkwear are very capable at handling. Messages that are made up of words as opposed to logo’s have no set up fee – so in theory, you can order different shirts for different shows and have a message specifically for each show.

So if you are thinking about your next order of uniform, do think where it will be worn. Is there any occasion where you or another person wearing it will be standing in a queue where a potential customer may be standing behind them?

Here are some examples of branding on the back of garments

These hoodies had a key statement embroidered on for a Welsh charity
The MyWorkwear team had a question on their back of their shirts for a trade show. MCMT had their logo and #.
The team from Pressmark had shirts made especially for shows that stood out in colour and with a key message and web address.
An example of branding the back of a hi-viz vest with an organisations logo.