Meet our customer – Kurt Marine Services Ltd

Akif and Marie at Hamble Point Marina, Southampton

Meet our customer – Kurt Marine Services Ltd

Marie has recently helped her first customer with their initial order from MyWorkwear.

Akif and Chrystelle Kurt started trading as Kurt Marine Services at the start of 2018. They have enjoyed a very busy first year of trading. As a new small business they needed to market their company as cost effectively as possible.

“Traditional advertising wasn’t high on our priority list” said Chrystelle.” Akif works across the Hamble Marina’s in Southampton every day. We thought the best method was for him to become a walking advertisement for our business.

Chrystelle met with Marie to discuss what MyWorkwear could offer.

“It was great having Marie able to visit us with a bag of samples. Especially as Akif likes a certain neck line on his sweatshirts. It made us feel comfortable and happy with placing our first order” said Chrystelle.

“As a new customer of MyWorkwear’s and my first, it was very important for me to ensure a smooth process.” Said Marie. “Working with the team at our factory in Telford. We were able to make Chrystelle and Akif ‘Workwear Happy’. This has always been the MyWorkwear goal”

Who are Kurt Marine Services?

Kurt Marine Services offer a variety of shore based maintenance services for both sail and power boats.Contact them on 07881 990845 or

Who are MyWorkwear?

Since 1976, MyWorkwear has been supplying uniforms to industries across the UK. MyWorkwear embroider or print logos and branding on more than 3,000 items of ‘off the shelf ‘ clothing. It also manufactures or alters clothing to meet customer requirements.

If you are looking to add your branding to uniform let the team at MyWorkwear help. Visit our website or call us on 01952 585881.

If you are based in Hampshire, then why not contact Marie who is based in Southampton

Kurt Marine Services logo being machine embroidered onto uniform

The finished logo