MyWorkwear sponsors the University of Wolverhampton Racing Team

James Worthington from MyWorkwear and Terry Gibson from University of Wolverhampton

MyWorkwear have joined forces with fellow members of Made in the Midlands, FBC Manby Bowdler, Actionplas, Laser Process, RS Components, Sercal NDT and Tungaloy. Together with other industry sponsors they are collaborating with the University of Wolverhampton. Their investment in the future of engineering and motorsport will help the students of today become the industry professionals of tomorrow.

My Workwear with provide the students with clothing and uniform. This will be worn on race days,  practice runs and when working on the cars throughout the season.

About University of Wolverhampton Racing Team (UWR)

UWR is the only student team to compete in the professionally run MSVR F3 Cup, the AR Morgan Challenge and the British Hillclimb Competition. It also competes against other universities in the IMechE’s Formula Student competition. Led by David Tucker, Senior Lecturer in Motorsport Engineering, the team is made up of undergraduate and postgraduate students from the School of Engineering. Based at the University’s Telford Innovation Campus this enables students to develop and apply the “soft” skills of team working, communication, time management and commitment, alongside the technical theory they learn in the classroom against the backdrop of preparing a Dallara F308 or a Morgan Plus Four Clubsport to race. The team, despite their ages, have earned the right to be considered among the very best in the country.

Professor Ian Oakes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chair of UWR said: “I am delighted to be working with so many proud sponsors who are affiliated with Made in the Midlands. The breadth of engineering knowledge our sponsors bring to UWR is staggering and the students take every opportunity to learn from them, using their technology in the advanced machining centres, laboratories or track-side, and giving themselves the best opportunities for a career in engineering, filling the skills gap.”

Terry Gibson, UWR’s Fundraising and Sponsorships Manager said: “It gives our team a lift every time we welcome a sponsor to campus, or to a racing circuit. Having great quality, branded apparel for the workshop, trackside and for our Community & Outreach projects adds to the calibre of their professionalism. Thank you to James and every other sponsor of UWR and the School of Engineering. We couldn’t do what we do without you.”

James Worthington, MyWorkwear Managing Director said of the deal “We are very excited about becoming sponsors of UWR and are looking forward to kitting our the team in their new branded uniform. Together with other members of the MIM Family and fellow sponsors we are proud to be able to enhance the learning on offer at UWR and Wolverhampton University School of Engineering”.

Telford based MyWorkwear are experts in custom clothing manufacture and personalised workwear. Since 1976 MyWorkwear has helped thousand’s of U.K. businesses promote their brand.

Meet our customer – Kurt Marine Services Ltd

Akif and Marie at Hamble Point Marina, Southampton

Meet our customer – Kurt Marine Services Ltd

Marie has recently helped her first customer with their initial order from MyWorkwear.

Akif and Chrystelle Kurt started trading as Kurt Marine Services at the start of 2018. They have enjoyed a very busy first year of trading. As a new small business they needed to market their company as cost effectively as possible.

“Traditional advertising wasn’t high on our priority list” said Chrystelle.” Akif works across the Hamble Marina’s in Southampton every day. We thought the best method was for him to become a walking advertisement for our business.

Chrystelle met with Marie to discuss what MyWorkwear could offer.

“It was great having Marie able to visit us with a bag of samples. Especially as Akif likes a certain neck line on his sweatshirts. It made us feel comfortable and happy with placing our first order” said Chrystelle.

“As a new customer of MyWorkwear’s and my first, it was very important for me to ensure a smooth process.” Said Marie. “Working with the team at our factory in Telford. We were able to make Chrystelle and Akif ‘Workwear Happy’. This has always been the MyWorkwear goal”

Who are Kurt Marine Services?

Kurt Marine Services offer a variety of shore based maintenance services for both sail and power boats.Contact them on 07881 990845 or

Who are MyWorkwear?

Since 1976, MyWorkwear has been supplying uniforms to industries across the UK. MyWorkwear embroider or print logos and branding on more than 3,000 items of ‘off the shelf ‘ clothing. It also manufactures or alters clothing to meet customer requirements.

If you are looking to add your branding to uniform let the team at MyWorkwear help. Visit our website or call us on 01952 585881.

If you are based in Hampshire, then why not contact Marie who is based in Southampton

Kurt Marine Services logo being machine embroidered onto uniform

The finished logo

MyWorkwear hopes to clean up with their new collaboration

Denise Brinton of StaySafe PPE and James Worthington of MyWorkwear.

MyWorkwear are collaborating with StaySafe PPE, which will enable them to offer a laundered workwear solution with no long-term contract.

Since 1976, MyWorkwear has been supplying uniforms/workwear to industries across the UK. MyWorkwear embroider or print logos and branding to more than 3,000 items of ‘off the shelf ‘ clothing. It also manufactures or alters clothing to meet customer requirements.

“Customers were asking if we could wash their workwear as well as provide it,” said James Worthington, Managing Director of MyWorkwear. “It was an interesting question and we looked around to see how we could provide a solution.”

The search led MyWorkwear to explore various companies which offered laundry solutions. One of these stood head and shoulders above the rest. At the Made in the Midlands exhibition, James met with Denise Brinton, founder of Staysafe PPE Ltd to discuss collaboration.

Staysafe PPE

Staysafe PPE offers a laundry and recycling service for all workwear, including industrial gloves.

“We discovered that not all companies were equipped to handle all aspects of the laundry process” said owner Denise Brinton.  “We began our laundry business focussing on gloves as a product that was being overlooked. Many companies binned soiled gloves which we could launder, inspect, and return in viable pairs. It saves companies money in replacement, landfill, and reduces their carbon footprint as unviable gloves are sent to Veolia for high temperature incineration.”

Working together, MyWorkwear is able to provide workwear and StaySafe PPE can collect, launder and return as required. Both companies strive to ensure they offer excellent customer service at all times.

“We do not ask our customers to sign a contract unless they wish to,” added Denise. “We let our service dictate whether a customer wishes to remain with us, rather than insist on a contract.”

If you would like to speak to MyWorkwear and SafeSafe PPE about their joint workwear and laundry services, please contact either James on 01952 585881 or Denise on 01746 781027.


Trade shows and events, how to make them work for you

Whether you are standing at a local event in your village or an international trade show in an arena it’s important for you to get noticed, rather than a competitor on the stands down the aisle. You may be a seasoned veteran of events or a first timer but it’s always good to take stock and make sure you are getting the most from your investment.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get the best from the sizeable investment made in your stand.

What are you trying to achieve?

You’ve taken a stand at XYZ show. Before you even load the car/van, you need to think carefully.

What it is you and your business want to achieve?.

Are you…

  • Trying to sell the stock / products that you are taking with you?
  • Looking to gather contact details for further discussions?
  • Trying to discover who is the key decision maker?
  • Looking to make more people to aware of your brand?
  • Or are you looking for something else entirely?

Some of the answers to the above will depend on what kind of company you are and what type of show you are attending. Having a clear picture before attending the show will enable you to get your ‘look’ spot on.

How will your stand look?

Again, this comes down to what you are looking to achieve for the event.

  • Are you a retailer, looking to sell product from your stand? Then you will need plenty of stock, displayed attractively, and clearly priced. Cash float and the ability to take credit cards will also be important.
  • If you are looking to chat with potential customers, maybe an area to sit/stand. Ability to offer refreshments and stationery to write notes and keep business cards safe will be key.
  • Brand awareness can be achieved with a product or promotional giveaways. You will also need visuals/pull-ups to help people identify who you are. Are they clear, concise and in an easy to read font?

What about staffing the stand?

With body language making up 55% of non-verbal communication. It’s key to ensure that the staff you have on your stand are not only the right type of personality for the event, but that their look best matches your corporate branding.

Depending on the type of company that you run and the objectives of the event will depend on the people you need on your stand. Generally speaking, you should have personable, friendly members of your team that have basic knowledge/understanding of what you are offering. If your product line is particularly specific, then you may need an expert or two on hand for more in-depth questions. However, a team of in-depth experts may scare away people who just want to chat and gather an overview before wishing to make a follow-up appointment.

Show uniform

It’s fair to say that what the team ‘show uniform’ is, won’t be the same for every event, company or organisation. This is where the experts at MyWorkwear can help.

  • It’s probably safe to assume that your logo will need to feature on your clothing. Maybe also the logo of your trade body if you are a member.
  • You could also add words that you wouldn’t normally wear for a day at the shop/office/factory. Maybe your website address, or a quote, phrase or statement. Why not let your stand uniform ask a question to those passing by your stand? An example could be a company offering energy savings. We can print ‘Don’t waste your time and energy, let us save you money today’ on the back of your shirts. Then whichever way round you are standing, your message will be visible. Remember that these tops are only for the duration of the show. Maybe the message can be tailored to that particular event.
  • Will you be wearing shirts, polo shirts or t-shirts?
  • Will you need trousers, skirts or shorts too? Again this depends on what your company do and what type of show it is.
  • Let your team wear comfortable and supportive shoes. Standing on your feet for a long day can be painful if your team wear uncomfortable footwear.

Before you arrive at the show

Utilise the marketing that the show organisers have in place. Check out any # that they are using and jump on their bandwagon. Advertise on your own website and social media channels that you are attending. Let your customer base know as they may want to come and meet with you. Being at a trade show or event can be costly in terms of money, time and manpower. Make sure it works for you.

If you are standing at a trade show or event, why not contact the team at MyWorkwear. With over 42 years experience in dressing the UK workforce, let us help you to achieve your event objectives.

MyWorkwear celebrate their 42nd anniversary

On Saturday 22nd September MyWorkwear will be celebrating their 42nd anniversary. From manufacturing golf bags and then cycle bags for Halfords. The story of MyWorkwear is still being written, but one we’d like to share with you.

How did MyWorkwear become the UK’s favourite personalised clothing company

Mike Worthington, shares the story of MyWorkwear over the past 42 years. 

I first started the business at the tender age of 23, having gained professional qualifications in A1 product design at Wolverhampton Art College and no ready employment.

My first product was a combined golf bag and trolley called the Clubguard Classic. It had a patented moulding which enveloped the golf club and thus prevented damage and eased selection. The idea was great but the quality less than perfect and garnered a few moans when wheels broke away mid course!

Mike with the Clubguard Classic

Mike with the Clubguard Classic

I was getting nowhere fast so decided to use the golf bag sewing machines to make cycle bags. This steadied the ship and I was able to contribute add something to my wife’s teacher’s salary! However the cycle trade at that time was very “bust or boom”. Having weathered a few “busts” we concluded that what was needed was a sector which was continually in demand. This proved to be workwear.

Pat making saddle bags circa 1985

Pat making saddle bags circa 1985

Breakthrough into workwear

Our breakthrough came when a cycle parts customer of ours Halfords required a new bespoke range of coveralls for their new car centres. We stepped up to the plate on a very short lead-time and secured the contract. The coveralls were quite unique with different coloured panels on the chest and the back.

We also worked with Dave Duffield the MD at Halfords to produce a range of clothing called ‘Skyway’. This was BMX inspired clothing and was designed to look as if it had just come from the BMX circuits of LA.

Halfords BMX advert, Dec 1980

Halfords BMX advert, Dec 1980

Our second “coup” was to manufacture and supply bespoke garments for the many Japanese companies investing in factories in Britain in the early 70’s. The garments issued from Japan did not fit the British worker due to our length of arms. Naturally we were delighted to help get the appropriate sizing.

We worked with companies such as Panasonic, Hitachi, Honda and Nissan to mention just a few. When we first presented to the NEC team in Telford, the uniforms that we had taken to show them were tried on and the pop studs dropped off! Luckily they laughed and we got the contract to provide their uniforms.

Holly Worthington wearing Honda Workwear designed and manufactured by JM Worthington

Holly Worthington wearing Honda Workwear designed and manufactured by JM Worthington

Micro Laundry were the company who helped us manufacture our Anti static Lint free paint plant coverall.  They contacted us as their company serviced factories that applied paint in clean room conditions. This was mainly for the automotive industry, spraying car panels etc. They wanted us to design and manufacture a specialist suit for ‘clean rooms’. The suit was made from polyester so that the continuous monofilament wouldn’t break. This non fibre shedding product prevents lint contamination of paint being applied to vehicles. This is a product that we still manufacturer today.

Kwik-Fit approached us in the 1980’s to produce a line of Kwik Fit Junior Suits. These were available as mini replica’s of the Kwik Fit coverall, famed by the advertising campaign ‘You can’t get better than a Kwik Fit Fitter’.

When the Faulklands War broke out, we worked with the MOD to produce  Gortex waterproof socks that were stretchy and breathable. This was to help the soldiers who were suffering from Trench foot during the conflict.


Anti Static Lint free coverall

Anti Static Lint free coverall

The late 1980’s to today

It was at the latter end of the 1980’s that we decided to move the focus of the business from just manufacturing into providing pre-made workwear from external suppliers.

James Worthington, my son, and now the MD of MyWorkwear, came to join the company in 2001. He joined us direct from the IT industry, having worked in both the UK and Canada. He  bought a refreshing attitude to the business, along with a range of lifestyle clothing, that didn’t quite take off!

Around the time that James joined the team, we noticed the change in the way that people were expecting to purchase, or at least browse our wares. Road reps were becoming obsolete and we became one of the first companies to join the online revolution and enable shopping online.

Midland Computers built our website in 2001, and this is where we met Peter Barfield, whom we have been working with ever since.

In the past 17 years the way that the world works and shops has changed dramatically. Since our early days manufacturing for large multinational companies to today where anyone can set up a business and would like to see their logo on one polo shirt. MyWorkwear has adapted and strived to ensure outstanding customer service throughout.

In 2015 Peter Barfield and his business partner Ben Simpson became directors of MyWorkwear. In joining the business they have bought a wealth of IT experience and we launched our new website in early 2017.

During 2017 we noticed another change in the way that uniform was being purchased. Some of the larger companies we work with wanted us to help them with the ordering process. James now spends at least a third of his week travelling to visit customers at their places of work.

In September 2018, Marie Parton who had been working with us in Marketing for a couple of years has joined James on the road looking after our Hampshire based customers.

It almost seems as though we are stepping back to look forward.  As ever keeping our customers happy is key.

Ben, Pete, Mike and James. MyWorkwear Directors 2016

Ben, Pete, Mike and James. MyWorkwear Directors

The whole team at MyWorkwear is committed to offering customers an outstanding level of service. Whether you are a one man band, multinational, new to MyWorkwear or we’ve been working together for a while; we strive to make you ‘Workwear Happy’.

If you are looking for clothing, workwear or uniform that needs to be personalised with embroidery or printing, then please call us 01952 585 881 or visit our website .

Mike Worthington, Founder.


MyWorkwear prepares for expansion with new Business Development Manager

Following last week’s growth announcement from leading uniform, workwear and branded clothing manufacturer MyWorkwear. They are delighted to announce that Marie Parton has increased her role within the company to encompass the role of Business Development Manager.

Marie has been working for MyWorkwear as Marketing manager for over two years. She has a wealth of sales and customer service experience gathered from working  within the UK, Europe and the Caribbean.

Managing Director James Worthington said “Marie was a natural choice to help us grow the MyWorkwear brand, she is passionate about the company and already has great working relationships with some of our customers and the MyWorkwear team in Telford”.

“I am very excited to be expanding my role within MyWorkwear. One of my first projects will be to focus on uniforms for females. From personal experience It can be challenging to order clothing that fits well, as each brand sizing differs. If I am struggling, others must be too. My goal is to make it simple for companies to buy uniform for all of their team and to get it right first time. I want to help keep everyone ‘Workwear Happy’ said Marie”.

Marie will be starting her new role mid September and is based in Hampshire.

Are you are looking for uniform for your staff ?  Then please contact the MyWorkwear team on 01952 585881 or email

You can also order online at

MyWorkwear become 100th MIM customer for Control Energy Costs

Liam Conway and James Worthington

MyWorkwear have recently used Control Energy Costs LTD (CEC) to save money on their energy costs. Both Patrons of Made in the Midlands, MyWorkwear were CEC’s 100th MIM customer. 

How could CEC help with MyWorkwear’s energy problem?

MyWorkwear were unsure whether CEC would be able to help them at all. “When we started to look into our energy use, we discovered that we had three gas meters. Two were sub meters and one a fiscal meter. We weren’t sure which was ours and which was our landlords” said James Worthington, MD of MyWorkwear. 

After many phone calls, CEC were able to unravel the issue and calculate how much money MyWorkwear would save. “We were delighted by what CEC were quoting, not only would we save money straight away, we’ll be saving for the next 4 years” Worthington said.

“Most of our clients are large manufacturers, said Liam Conway Head of CEC Direct. I was really pleased we were able to help assist a fellow Patron unravel a complex billing and meter issue to their maximum benefit’.

About Control Energy Solutions Ltd

Control Energy Costs has been supporting clients with energy costs audit and procurement services for 37 years. Over half of it’s clients operating in the manufacturing sector. The company sets itself apart from the competition by offering a transparent, clear and disclosed commission/fee. This ensures the client is clear from the outset on the level of service and cost.

About MyWorkwear

MyWorkwear have been dressing companies across the UK since 1976. Whether you need your branding added to off the shelf clothing. Or are looking for alterations or uniform manufactured with your specification. MyWorkwear always strive to make you ‘Workwear Happy’.

MyWorkwear support Recycling Management with promotional tee’s

On Sunday, our friends at Recycling Management have sponsored a charity abseil. As well as sponsoring the event, members of the RM team and their families are taking part. Along with other supporters, they will be abseiling 200 feet down the Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham.

MyWorkwear have created some fabulous promotion t-shirts for the abseilers from RM to wear for the event. We support their head for heights!

Why are they sponsoring the event, and abseiling 200 feet?

The team from Recycling Management and other abseilers are supporting the charity Parkinson’s UK. By taking part in the challenge they will not only be raising much needed funds for the charity, but also awareness of the condition.

Parkinson’s UK are on a mission to change attitudes, offer support to those affected and find a cure.

They want to bring forward the day when no one fears Parkinson’s.

Did you know?

  • Every hour, two people in the UK are told they have Parkinson’s – a brain condition that turns lives upside down, leaving a future full of uncertainty.
  • Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition.  This means that it causes problems in the brain and gets worse over time.  People with Parkinson’s don’t have enough of the chemical dopamine because some of the nerve cells that make it have died.
  • In the West Midlands alone, there are over 12,000 people living with Parkinson’s.  They estimate that around 145,000 people in the UK have the condition. That’s around 1 in 350 adults in the UK. 

As well as physical symptoms, people with Parkinson’s are also affected by stigma

  • Many affected have been asked to leave shops, refused entry or thrown off public transport.
  • 1 in 4 people have had their Parkinson’s confused for drunkenness.
  • 1 in 10 have been laughed at due to their symptoms.  

There are too many cases where people are mistreated because of their Parkinson’s.

It’s not simply an ‘old person’s condition’.  You could be working with someone who is living with Parkinson’s and not even realise.  

Parkinson’s doesn’t discriminate – it can affect anyone at any time. If you’d like to find out more, please take a look at the Parkinson’s UK website.

If you did want to donate to Recycling Management’s just giving page, please click here.

Who are Recycling Management? 

A forward thinking, innovative total waste management company with over 50 years experience in servicing both large and small companies across the UK.

A family owned business, Recycling Management own’s their own fleet and recycling plant. They recycle over 1,000 tonnes of waste per week day and offer value and revenue to their client base.

If you are looking for a partner to dispose of your waste. Contact the team at Recycling Management and see how they can help you.

Who are MyWorkwear? 

Established in 1976 and based in Telford, MyWorkwear originally manufactured a combined golf bag and trolley, then cycle panniers. It was when one of their largest customers Halfords needed a coverall uniform for their new car centres that MyWorkwear began to produce and supply clothing.

In the early day’s MyWorkwear manufactured and supplied bespoke garments for the many Japanese companies investing in British factories, as the garments issued from Japan did not fit the British worker.

By the mid 90’s the way the world shopped was changing. MyWorkwear launched their first website. This is when they expanded into selling workwear and uniforms that had not been made in-house.

Fast forward to today. MyWorkwear continues to supply, manufacture and personalise uniform, workwear and clothing to individuals and businesses across the UK.

If keeping your office and factory staff smart, comfortable and safe is important to you. Contact the team at MyWorkwear and let’s see how we can achieve that for you.

Proud to be a sponsor at the In-Comm awards 2018

MyWorkwear are proud to be a category sponsor at the In-Comm awards 2018 which takes place on June 8th. The category that we are sponsoring is ‘Learner of the year, business support’. Below you can see the shortlist of nominees. We wish the nominees for every category at the awards the best of luck.

Who are In-Comm? 

Rated by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. In-Comm is one of the UK’s leading providers of training and business services. They work across more than 10 sectors and with 250 different companies.

With state of the art facilities in Aldridge, Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth. In-Comm have developed a simple, but effective approach to bridging the country’s skills gap.  With a focus on building strong relationships with employers. Doing so ensures employers get access to programmes that deliver them the right type of learner, the right upskilling opportunities and the specialist assistance they need to improve quality or business systems.

Whether you are looking to become an apprentice, or manage a business looking to take on apprentices. Contact the team at In-Comm and they can offer helpful and practical advice.

Who are MyWorkwear? 

Established in 1976 and based in Telford, MyWorkwear originally manufactured a combined golf bag and trolley, then cycle panniers. It was when one of their largest customers Halfords needed a coverall uniform for their new car centres that MyWorkwear began to produce and supply clothing.

In the early day’s MyWorkwear manufactured and supplied bespoke garments for the many Japanese companies investing in British factories, as the garments issued from Japan did not fit the British worker.

By the mid 90’s the way the world shopped was changing. MyWorkwear launched their first website. This is when they expanded into selling workwear and uniforms that had not been made in-house.

Fast forward to today. MyWorkwear continues to supply, manufacture and personalise uniform, workwear and clothing to individuals and businesses across the UK.

MyWorkwear are proud to be the supplier of uniforms for In-Comm apprentices. If keeping your office and factory staff smart, comfortable and safe is important to you. Contact the team at MyWorkwear and let’s see how we can achieve that for you.




Congratulations to MyWorkwear’s MD James

The whole team at MyWorkwear are proud of our MD James as he completed his first ever off road Ultra Marathon on Saturday May 5th.

Since January, James has been in training. Attending shorter off road races and enjoying independent training sessions. Before he started the race this weekend, he covered over 300 miles  in preperation.


James wanted to fundraise for MIND, the mental health charity. He set himself the target of raising £1000 and before the race had beaten his target. His sponsorship page will remain open until the end of May if you wish to donate. MyWorkwear are also donating £25 on each member of Made in the Midlands or Made in Yorkshire who place their first order with us.

The main event

James ran in an event organised by the Trail Events Company. The route was through the Brecon Beacons, which are located in South Wales. They offer some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Starting out at the village hall of Talybot-on-Usk, James covered a distance of 51.87km/ 32.2 miles. This strenuous course took him to elevations of 3538 metres/ 11608 feet.

The weather was hot and sticky – not ideal temperatures for a 32.2 mile race. There were 180 people signed up to run the course. Only 127 made it all the way round. James completed the course in 9 hours and 5 minutes and 56 seconds. He was the 75th male runner to cross the finishing line.

Thank you

James would like to extend thanks to everyone that has sponsored him. His wonderful wife Magda and their son Wolfgang who have been tireless in their support. To the teams at MyWorkwear and Made in the Midlands who have helped spread the news of James’ mission and push for sponsorship.

Some statistics taken from Mind – Every year in the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem. This week 1 in 6 people in England will report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression). This is why we all need to support charities like MIND.

This video was taken just after James had finished. I think you’ll agree that this was not an easy race.

Photo’s taken during the race

Richard (L) and James (R) and their well deserved medals

Reaching Pen Y Fan, the highest point in South Wales

Yes, James had to run up there!

Feeling on top of the world