Meet our first online customer A&E Services Ltd

We recently spoke with Ken Hadley of A&E Services Ltd. Ken was MyWorkwear’s first ever online customer. We wanted to find out a little more about his business and how he came upon with MyWorkwear.

“Around 2001 I was asked to get involved with a small security business after owning a chain of pubs. Even though this was something completely different, I looked upon this as a new challenge and decided to sit back watch and learn for 3 months. I agreed to get involved but created a new business as I was not entirely happy with how the business was being run or the image of the company.

There are lots of key elements of running a successful business and I knew this would take time. The first new contract secured by myself was on the set of ‘In the Night Garden’. Again because I was new to this business sector our uniform was kept very simple; with black trousers, white shirts, black ties and jumpers. We bought these from Matalan and ironed on company logos. Looking back this looked awful but this is all part of the learning process., I then went on line and found MyWorkwear and decided that to act professionally my staff need to look professional. So I tried to order using MyWorkwear’s online system. At the time MyWorkwear were also in what I would call ‘the baby stage’ as the online side of the business didn’t work. This was probably the best thing to have happened as it meant me calling them. This call began a long lasting working relationship that has developed into friendship with Mr James Worthington over the last 16 years.

I am strong believer people buy from people and not businesses and with MyWorkwear this has definitely been the case. As my business has grown over the past 16 years so has MyWorkwear yet we have always received the same level of service from my first order of 6 security jerseys to the large orders we place now.

A & E Services (UK) Limited has now become a facilities business offering security, cleaning, wash room solutions, agency staff, etc and MyWorkwear have helped with designs, product ranges, colours, etc to ensure that the staff representing my business always look professional.

James has always made sure that we have quick turnaround of orders and the service we get proves to me through the years, no matter the size of the contract he treats everyone one the same.

Hopefully both our business will continue to grow, and I would never look to use any other business now for my workwear needs. James is a good guy that listens, understands and looks to always go the extra mile to ensure you have what you need. Apart from him being a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, has brought the online business forward and is easy to use and simple and MyWorkwear is a company I would not hesitate to recommend.

Here’s to another 16 years working together!!!”

About A & E Services Ltd

A & E Provide a transparent, accountable and proactive services in the commercial security and cleaning market sector. A first-class professional and competitive solution to out sourcing all your security and cleaning requirements. With their head office located in the West Midlands we provide a national service to our growing customer portfolio. For more details visit their website. 




A record breaking November for MyWorkwear

The team at MyWorkwear are jubilant after orders taken during November were the highest in 41 years of trading.

“We have a wonderful team of staff who all come to work with a ‘can do’ mentality’ said James Worthington MD. “We have recieved a lot of orders from individuals and companies who have been told their order can’t be fulfilled by other companies for one reason or another. The team’s positive attitude helps us look for ways to help all customers so that they are happy to place an order with MyWorkwear”

So why the success in orders this November? 

“We had an outstanding Black Friday through our internet site” Worthington said “We can attribute a lot of our larger orders to working with other manufacturing companies thanks to our membership of business group ‘Made in the Midlands’.
“As well as offering a personalisation service embroidering or printing logos and branding onto clothing, MyWorkwear are also a proud UK manufacturer. We work with companies who cannot find what they want ‘off the shelf’. From our factory in Telford we are able to alter off the shelf uniforms or produce garments from scratch. This ensures the companies that we work with get exactly the uniform their business requires.”
“Through our membership of Made in the Midlands we have been able to build strong relationships with fellow manufacturers, who want to support each other wherever possible”

What’s the best way to order from MyWorkwear? 

We work with individuals and companies of all sizes, and know that one solution does not fit everyone. We also like to treat our customers as human beings and not by their order number.
Therefore we have different options available to order –
1) You can order online through our simple to use website
2) You can ask for advice or order over the phone during office hours 01952 585881
3) If you are a company that are looking to dress more than 25 staff and are Midlands based then James would be happy to come and meet with you.
James and the team at MyWorkwear look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wish I had known not to do that to my Uniform!

Meet our customer – MkIV Supra Owners Club

Members of the MkIV Supra Owners Club with Paul Cowland – (Turbo Pickers) and Drew Pritchard (Salvage Hunters)

MyWorkwear were happy to be asked to make branded polo shirts for the MkIV Supra owners club recently. The club were invited to showcase their vehicles at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November.

As part of their efforts to best represent the club and the Supra marque, they decided to wear polo shirts that had the club logo embroidered onto the front and the website address embroidered onto the back. They contacted MyWorkwear to see how we could help with their request.


One of the club officials said “The quality of the shirts is great and our logo looks amazing on them, they will last for many more events to come. We’ve even had other club members requesting to have their own too! Although the club had previously issued shirts over the previous years they were from various sources and all different colours, for this show we wanted everyone to look smart and match.”


If your club, association or organisation is looking for personalised clothing,  let the team at MyWorkwear help. Visit our website or call us on 01952 585881.

The MkIV Supra owners club was established in 2001. Today they have over 48,500 registered users and nearly 2000 active members.

Embroidered polo shirts for the Supra MkIV owners club.

Members of the MkIV Supra owners club showing their new clothing from MyWorkwear.

Meet our customer – Dal Dy Dir

MyWorkwear have recently fulfilled an order for the Welsh charity Dal Dy Dir. We spoke with the charity’s director Natalie Webster, about the experience she received when working with MyWorkwear.

“We were looking for a company that could provide branded clothing for a small voluntary group and would be happy to liaise with people of differing abilities as part of their development within the group.

The group was becoming despondent as several other companies had let them down. We found MyWorkwear after taking a recommendation from another company who uses your services. Not only were you happy to liaise with the group, you were really supportive in helping them develop their logo and “particular look”. In addition to this, you got back to them really swiftly – something really important for the group we are working with. The group had also set their hearts on quite an unusual font – something you spent a long time sourcing for us so the group were pleased with the finished product”

“The group were so excited to see their designs on tops of their choosing that I’m not sure they have taken them off yet! Even the staff were really excited. The quality of the clothing was of a far  higher standard than we expected”

“The tops are designed with the group’s logo and name “1 of a Kind”. The group decided to use some funding they had raised themselves from a Christmas market and some funding from the Community Foundation in Wales so that they could raise awareness of the project and promote what they do. The group volunteers for a Saturday project where they learn rural skills and land management, in addition to this they raise money from making wooden and stone items for markets. The clothing also provides protection against the elements as the group work outside!

The group has had an idea, since receiving the clothing, where they intend to market the tops to raise money for the charity and plan to promote them in the next few months. In fact, we have had our very first order!”

The team at MyWorkwear would like to thank Natalie and the group at DalDyDir for placing their order and their trust with MyWorkwear.

Dal Dy Dir works with people with disabilities and those that are marginalised within the community. They work within groups to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions of what people can achieve. Dal Dy Dir currently manages a two-acre site on the Ceri Hills where they work with animals and on improving the land. They also run biodiversity programmes.

You can find out more about Dal Dy Dir here and you can visit the MyWorkwear online shop here.


Workwear Jargon

Jargon Busting Guide: The Work Wear What’s What

Hi-Viz – Illuminate yourself on where it all started

High visibility clothing used to be only seen worn by builders, construction sites, emergency service personnel, railway and airport hangar workers. Now however it’s everywhere, cyclists, runners, children and pets are wearing clothing that is fluorescent and covered in reflective strips.

How did Hi-Viz become a wardrobe staple for the masses?

In California in the 1930’s a man called Bob Switzer had an accident whilst unloaded crates at a railway yard. He damaged an optic nerve and was advised to stay in a darkened room until his eyesight recovered. Bob and his brother Joseph were both amateur magicians and used this time and the assistance of their father, a chemist to use a black light to discover fluorescent compounds. After Bob’s recovery they continued to experiment and succeeded in producing the first black light fluorescent paints. They founded the Fluor-S-Art Co in 1934 to develop their bright ideas further (sorry!) We know these paints by the name Day-Glo.

The first application of fluorescent paint onto fabric was when Bob dyed his wife’s wedding dress. We are not sure whether that happened before or after their wedding!

Day-Glo’s publicity material summed up how useful it could be.

“What’s so great about fluorescent colour? Fluorescent colour is seen 75% sooner than conventional colour! Fluorescent colour is three times brighter than regular colour! Your eyes go back to fluorescent colour for a second look 59% of the time!”

In 1964 Hi-Viz first came to the UK as it was trialled by Railway maintenance workers in Glasgow.

The Health and Safety at Work act 1994 and the Personal Protective Equipment At Work regulations 1992 (PPE), ensured that high visability clothing would be worn to protect against risks to safety and health. These acts also covered other safety items such as safety footwear, hard hats, goggles, life jackets, respirators and safety harnesses. Many of which are also available from MyWorkwear.

In 2008, the designer Karl Lagerfeld appeared in a French public information campaign. He was wearing a Hi-Viz waistcoat using the slogan: “It’s yellow, it’s ugly, it doesn’t go with anything, but it could save your life”.

So whether you love it or loathe it, Hi-Viz is here to stay. It is always safer to be seen than not, and wearing that rather ‘ugly’ vest may mean the difference between life and death.

MyWorkwear offer a comprehensive range of Hi-Viz clothing including bib & braces, coveralls, jackets/coats, tee and polo shirts, trousers, and vests. We can embroider or print your company name, logo or a message onto nearly every Hi-Viz item we stock.

MyWorkwear Hi Viz Vest


Welcome to Promotional Products Week 2017

From October 2nd – 6th 2017 it’s ‘Promotional Products Week’ in the UK.

This is a week where all the pen addicts, stress ball busters, and the magnet maniacs go crazy and flood social media with their wares. So how do MyWorkwear get involved in Promotional Products Week?

You are probably aware that for the past 41 years MyWorkwear has been helping individuals and companies promote their branding effectively by embroidering or printing it onto clothing, uniforms, and workwear.

Did you know that we also offer a range of accessories that can be used for promotional purposes?

Last year, for example, our factory resembled a toy shop as we handled a couple of large orders for gift size teddy bears with small logos on their tee-shirts. Other customers have wanted budget price tee-shirts for handouts at an exhibition. We have also completed orders for canvas bags as a gift with purchase and colourful aprons with an embroidered logo for a gift to attendees at a cooking event. The options are limitless.

As you can probably tell, we don’t get involved in all aspects of Promotional Products. We are experts in working with material based products, so that is what we focus on. Likewise, due to the range of material based products available, we can’t list everything on our website. So if there is something, in particular, you are looking for, please call our team on 01952 585881 and let them help you.

How could your business successfully use promotional products?

The trade organisation behind Promotional Products week – the BPMA shared this infographic on social media this week.

The team at MyWorkwear have lots of ideas of products that you can use for any of these four categories. You may want to spend a little more money on a gift for customer recognition, than that for a trade show giveaway and we can advise accordingly.

How will it make the recipient feel?

Again, the BPMA has carried out research and said that –

Why would you not want to have your customers, potential customers or staff feel positively?

They also have some interesting statistics regarding promotional clothing, which is, of course, our specialty.


















If you are thinking of buying promotional clothing, or material based products that can be embroidered or printed onto. Then please visit our website or call our sales team on 01952 585881 and let’s see how MyWorkwear can help get your brand noticed.